240. Turning Winds

Turning Winds is marketed for a school for struggling teens. Having researched the history of the school it seems that the owners had to leave Idaho for Montana when they became center of a police investigation.

It cannot be fun to be there as a teenager.



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About Rotsne

Danish immigrant, but very integrated. After having worked for another research center, I have recently started working for International Culture Exchange where I serve the youth and their families wanting to become an exchange student.

5 responses to “240. Turning Winds”

  1. Anna says :

    That is ridiculous. I went to this program for a year and it is not bad at all. The Baisden’s are the most honest, caring, and kindhearted people I’ve ever met. Anyone who claims that this program is sketchy is lying. It is not at all. Of course it isn’t fun when you first get there, but that is expected. Kids shouldn’t get rewarded for bad behavior. And think about it. This program deals with kids who are not always mentally stable (because they are trying to help), but that can also lead to people making false claims like this. This program does everything they can to help and the staff are all amazing. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. The kids who fake their way through just wasted their time, but the ones who see the opportunity and take it, will feel the same as I do about it.

    • Rotsne says :

      Maybe if they do not want to be there from the very start, they shouldn’t be there. What makes such a place getting a poor reputation is the willingness to take in teenagers without a throughout screenings process which would show whether the teenagers are a good fit for the facility or not. No place on the earth can be an expert on every psycological issue, teenagers can suffer from. When you push teenagers into a system for which they are a poor fit it leads to confrontation or faking it through the program. Faking it might be good for the program because they earn the money anyway but for the families it is waste of money they could have used for a solution which would be a better fit for the teenager. Confrontation is damaging for both the teenagers and the facility which this family should know based on their problems with the authorities in Bonner County. Why the owners didn’t learn from their experiences demanding better screening of the teenagers they get referred, is strange.

    • Fred says :

      I’m looking in to sending my son to this place. Any insight as to where(other than the internet) I can get unbiased opinions? BTW, I appreciate your comments; they seem reasonable.

  2. Brandon says :

    You are over analyzing things, essentially, TWs entire process is designed to make you uncomfortable, resulting in growth. No teenager on earth is going to show up here and fit in, nor is the program a fake it till you make it model. They do not coddle the residents, and they are essentially forced to learn how to cooperate with their fellows and get their daily jobs done and they find their own peace with TW. TW essentially is practice being in society, while gasp, living communally with peers and becoming integrated with the group actually gives that teen, an identity? TW will carve self centered spoiled kids into self conscious young men and women who are contributing members of ‘society’.
    Rocket Science

  3. Thomas says :

    Turning Winds does not offer an appropriate education to their students. The kids are put in a room with desks, and given work books that they complete without any instruction. There are a few teachers, and I use that word lightly, but they do very little. My child left here missing about 2 years of a proper high school education. The owners and staff are VERY defensive of the inadequate education. They try to deceive the parents, students, and public about how wonderful their program is. They will give any of them a high school diploma, which is a joke. They spend the least amount possible on their food as well. They are given food mostly from cans, with very little fresh vegetables and fruits. Part of this is because they are so remote that they don’t have access to fresh food. They are basically a couple of windowless huts located close to the edge of the Canadian border. The kids here are seriously disturbed. Much more than other places. I think this is because they charge so much less then the other programs. Some of the staff and therapists were very nice, but overall it’s just not what they say it is. They seem to spend a lot on their PR, and attorneys. There are programs that do offer a good education and provide healthy food, and much nicer accommodations. Although those are more expensive, it is worth every dime. The location is also a huge negative. Just for the kids to see a doctor, they have to travel about 2 hours each way, and the drive can be treacherous due to the snow and ice. The doctors are also sub par. Again, some of the people here are well meaning, but it’s not what they say it is. There is also a lot of secrecy. They monitor every call, and coach the children. My child told me after moving home, that they were told not to discuss certain things on the calls. The kids also have no way to call out for help should they need it, because there is always someone listening in on what they say.

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