217. Grenham House

Boys aged down to 7 were forced to enter a regime consisting of fear and corporal punishment. Today such a school would have been closed. A student died there. Fortunately while tragic caused by an illness and not the awful violence the employees were responsible for.

The boarding school is closed now. However it is still safe to state that it was not a place for children to stay while the school was in existence.



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Danish immigrant, but very integrated. After having worked for another research center, I have recently started working for International Culture Exchange where I serve the youth and their families wanting to become an exchange student.

6 responses to “217. Grenham House”

  1. Grenham Old Boy says :

    Canings at British schools were not uncommon. Although I attended Grenham House for five years, I was first caned at the age of six or seven at another school. I was caned three times at Grenham. If you misbehaved you knew what was in store as punishment

    • nicholas miles says :

      i could not agree more you did the crime you got the punishment as i did made men of us

  2. nicholas miles says :

    you did the crime you got the punishment great school hard but fair i was at grenham house for eight years made men of us

  3. jonathon dempsey says :

    I attended a nearby preparatory school to Grenham House, Canterbury House School situated in Westgate-on-Sea, the next village along from Birchington, between 1960-1965. The relevance being that when Canterbury House closed down the Headmaster, Major J.S.S. Bury, started as siting and teaching at Grenham House. Major Bury was a man of great integrity – a Military Cross from WW2 and a local Justice of the Peace, an extraordinary man. He was also a Man of God, regular church-goer with great humility..
    There is no way he would have tolerated the unacceptable beatings and paedophilia goings on at Grenham House if he realised or was aware what was happening, if indeed the activities mentioned were still happening when Major Bury was there. Late 1960’s-early 1970’s? I don’t think Major Bury was there for very long in any case.
    I do recall we used to play Grenham House at rugby and cricket, losing every time because we were a much smaller school. I still shake – after 50 years – at the thought of facing their fast bowler, a guy called Amlott! They had another bloke who partnered Amlott in the bowling , equally fast, but thankfully I can’t recall his name….

    • Grenham Old Boy says :

      Denys Jeston also served in WW2 and was clearly very affected by his experiences. A Grenham House old boy died in his arms on the battlefield.

      The Suchet brothers – the TV newsreader and radio presenter; and the Poirot actor – have written or given interviews about their time at Grenham. By and large they were correct with their observations.

      In my days we boys were required to swim naked in the school’s pool, supervised by Denys in his ordinary working clothes. After we got out we formed a queue for Denys to dry our naked backsides – something that he insisted on doing. I always though this was very strange and something that no one has mentioned in recent times. We were apparently judged to be capable of doing this unaided after our nightly bath.

      As for beatings, if you ever watched Billy Bunter on TV or read the books you will no doubt recall the reference to beatings – they were part of school life, particularly fee-paying ones, until the late Sixties or Seventies.

  4. Jantzen Coles says :

    I went to C.H.S as a boarder in 1979
    at the age of 8. I was there until it closed 3 years later.
    I found it a good place for education and a great place for sport.

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