193. Midcourse Correction Challenge Camp

A 15 year old girl was sent to camp after she failed school and acted out. A weekend in the snow cured her or at least so her parents believed. Once she turned 18 she disappeared from the home of her parents leaving a note behind about a cruel weekend. Now her parents sit and rant on a message board where all the parents try to parenting 1950-style in a modern world.

A local newspaper speak of 14 year olds who had to be found by the police.

It doesn’t sound like a fun camp to attend as a teenager.


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One response to “193. Midcourse Correction Challenge Camp”

  1. MidcoursePTSD says :

    I went to this place as a teenager, They are very abusive and hurtful towards the prisoners under their “care”. I still have nightmares from the abuse I experience there. Places like this need to be shut down.

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