187. Valley View School

In the earliest days the school was called Valley Farm School and for many it was a school where you had to clean the school and work in the fields so there would just minimum allowence.

Cheap slave labor and poor academics are statements given by former students.

One former student states:
I went here in the late 80’s. It wasn’t much then, the academic environment was the only real positive. We just had some very good teachers. The rest of the school was alternatively a monument to slave labor or an exercise is boredom. Your parents had to put money in a work fund…you then got to earn points if you did chores at the school. Doing chores (read: slave labor) gave you access to this money. Pretty good deal for the school, it kept us busy and they were saving money. I would advise parents to look elsewhere, there are much better alternatives out there.

Another former student states:
This school is a serious fraud. They should be shut down immediately for sexual abuse, violence, and fraudulent activities. They claim to be a “therapeutic” school and show several qualified professionals on their website. Sadly, they have none of those people actually on staff. None of them are involved with the school whatsoever. There is no therapy at all and in fact there is almost no supervision overall. The owner is making a fortune charging $60,000+ for tuition but then provides nothing in return. Very disheartened to express this but please be aware that they are a disgusting example of fraud that hurts children and depletes income from parents who are seeking assistance.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


  • Valley View School (Yelp review)
  • Factsheet about the school (Fornits Wiki)

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