147. Midwest Academy

This facility located near Keokuk in Iowa was founded when WWASP was official in business. Due to numerous lawsuits WWASP is no longer marketed but the school continues to use the same curriculum as when it was started.

A former “student” states:

I spent 15 months at Midwest Academy. It was overall a terrible experience. I usually tell people I spent 15 months in juvenile detention because that’s really what it is. I know MWA can be used as an alternative to jail time. It was a really crazy place and they did care a lot about money. I missed out on a lot of my life but it made me who I am today. I definitely became a stronger person after going through that experience. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone though. Overall it was just a very abusive and controlling place.

It does not sound to be a fun place to live as a teenager



January it was revealed that a former employee had sued the facility for letting her go when she reported an improper relationship between a student and an adult employee at the facility. The authorities took interest in this case and it escalated into a full raid followed by an order to the parents to remove their children. Kind of fustration for the parents who had found this place so they could neglect their parental responsabilities by parkering their children at the facility in order to focus on other areas of their lives

For more information: Agents investigating abuse claims at Iowa boarding school (Newsbug.info)

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