130. Pacific Quest

Gardening can be accepted if you don’t have other things to do. Hawaii is a place for fun. But if Hawaii is no longer for fun and you are forced doing gardening it is not a fun place for a teenager.

It can make you odd. If I was the young man in the first post, I would have grabbed a beer and relaxed. Then I would have it way better than this emotional torment he put himself through.


2020 Update

The program was ordered to close down receiving a heavy fine due to the fact that they never had the proper license to run such a program

Unlicensed Kea‘au Treatment Facilities Ordered to Shut Down (Big Island Now)

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3 responses to “130. Pacific Quest”

  1. Jena Pantano says :

    You would not have had a better time grabbing a beer and relaxing. This place lets you really relax your mind and your body. Its a feeling I would never take back. PQ is a life changing experience. Have you ever thought of things you were you could change about yourself or ways you wish you were a better person, well this place does it. I was a quite hidden girl with eating disorders and depression, not caring about anything in the world. When I came back, I became the best hockey goalie in my state, I got straight As, I got a good grade on my SAT, I came out of my shell and became this fun outgoing person i never new I could be. I am so grateful for PQ and even though i wish I didn’t have to go there to feel like this (because its not the funnest place to be) I don’t regret it because this feeling is the best in the world. To just feel at peace with yourself and feel relaxed. You come to a problem or a challenge and you conquer it without a hint of stress because you know you can do it from the beginning. There so much more I could say about it, in so many different aspects but I will leave it at that.

    • udstationeredebetina says :

      Having read a lot about these programs and having experienced your culture myself I have to say that it is maybe not the strictest program listed in this blog.

      However I feel that it belongs here because it creates the risk of breaking you away from the destiny you are born to. As a Dane I now in my early twenties plan my retirement. I save for my early retirement. I am true against the heritage my parents, my grandparents, my family left me as belonging to the working class.

      I was never destined for academically achievement. In Denmark it is something which is decided by birth. Children with higher academic grades are those who become students. Children like my goes directly into business life after few years of schooling. It is maybe difficult to understand but to know what you can reach in life and what you shouldn’t aim for create a lot of inner peace and surplus to mingle among other people like we did in our Friday in my High School.

      Is life then perfect for me? No, unfortunately the economically crisis have forced me to work in a city more than 25 kilometers from my hometown. In Denmark where peace and no-violence are achieved by watching over each other and shield ourselves in our little community from the rest of the world it is kind of scary to go down to the train-station every morning knowing that it would take hours before you are back among your own.

      It is where I find places like Pacific Quest dangerous. I know that there are people – also here in Denmark – who have moved around and they have left their shielded safe communities to work and study where none knows them and they have sought so-called therapy to gather strength in order to achieve it. But I have to ask: What are the costs? Do you have to take chances in life? What would happen if it goes wrong? Would you lose the comfort and protection of your community?

      The entire concept of taking chances is nothing our politicians encourage: They are in the process of lowering the unemployment benefits for graduates; they are increasing the prices for use of public transport and remember that a car is no option in Denmark because there is 180 percent tax put upon a car before you can buy it. The politicians approach may sound harsh but they do it out of love to us ordinary people because they know that it takes special granted social heritage to achieve what many calls outlive your potential. But what if you become disappointed? Denmark is the happiest nation in the world and I know that many agree with me that the reason is that we are able to settle with less.

      That is why I would choose to sit with my peers drinking some beers and let life past. Because I know where I am going! I know where I plan to end. I know that I have reached my potential early and have a full life to live without reaching for anything.

      I hope this gave you some clarification into Pacific’s quest placement in this blog.

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