128. Shepherd’s Hill Farm

It is an ungodly place where they use corporal punishment and the employees have very little education regarding the complex diagnoses struggling teenagers suffer from. Short to say they believe that violence combined with Gods word can cure anything.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place for a teenager.

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3 responses to “128. Shepherd’s Hill Farm”

  1. Kelsey Francisco says :

    I emplore anyone looking at this webpage NOT TO TRUST WHAT THEY READ ON THE INTERNET. I am one of the teenagers who attended SHA, and it changed my life, for a world of better. I was miserable. I hated myself, my parents who had only ever done everying to make me successful, and I was on a downward slide into a life of regret. Going to SHA LITERALLY saved my life. And just about every other girl I went there with. You can not be a Christian, and see the good they are doing in kids lives! Helping them off of drugs, teaching them they dont have to self-mutilate or sell their bodies, helping them with their school…we were taken away from the mindless, brain-numbing tvs and computers and taught how to build fires and sew and paint! We read books, played sports, EXCERCISED OUR MINDS AND BODIES. How is this a bad thing? I learned how to respect myself and others. I found that I am loved limitlessly by an all powerful, all loving, holy and amazing God! And I dont have to even try! I challenge whoever wrote this, if you havent already, to go there. Speakto the staff and the girls. See how much they love them, in a good, sacrificial way. I am still very good friends with all the SHA staff. I am happily married, with an associates degree, and living my life with FREEDOM.
    This should be a place EVERY teenager wants to be.

    • Rotsne says :

      Regardless of how thin you make a pancake it has two sides. I believe that their screening process for new clients is not good enough. If the teenager has a drug problem and want help, they may have a good program. But what if the teenager doesn’t use drug but the parents suspect it? Sometime mental illnesses may make a client act like drugs are an issue but the client would be better served with a proper medical evaluation followed by the right medication.

      It they take everyone they will end up with unhappy clients. It is just a question of time. I am happy to hear that you had a good stay. However feedbacks from other clients make it clear that your stay is not what most experience.

    • Chris says :

      If I’m not supposed to trust anything I read on the Internet, why should I trust your remarks?

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