125. Hidden Lake Academy

During the years of operation (1994 to 2011) this facility was in operation it had a lot of names. Every time there was problems with the money paid by the parents and every time the founder (Doctor Leonard Buccelatto) managed to move money around in the system for the facility to remain open.

According to a 2008 hearing before the Committee on Education and Labor, some of the staff members had their credentials removed. Some used diploma mills like Farington University. While accredited by some institutions, it would be doubtful if the students could have used their papers to pursue further education.

Well it ended at last but not before talented people like the artist Dash Snow had been damaged in a lasting way due to their stay at this facility. Damage which did not only impact those who were there but also people they met afterwards like it was the case in the Katherine MacDougall murder case. Her boyfriend had been put through too much to handle a relationship.

It couldn’t have been fun to be at this facility if you were a teenager.


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