117. Steppin’ Stone Farm, Inc.

Around the millenium a tragic murder case made the news. A 15 year old girl was involved in the murder of her mother. The girl had found out that she would be sent to a religious boarding school where she would lose years of her life leaving her emotional scarred once she would enter adult life. Look forward to an adult life with endless sessions of counseling to handle possible posttraumatic stress disorder she made the choice that her mother had to be removed.

Her boyfriend and another boy took care of this. They were caught and she might be released after having spent half her adult life in prison. Was it better than an entire adult life in therapy? We cannot decide.

What is tragic is that the case is that the mother lost her life. There shouldn’t be options like this. If children behave outsite the law, the law should take care of them. If they just behave without morale, then they just will have to deal with it once they are adult.

There is a Facebook group for girls who have been there. Fires being put on and runaways are mentioned.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


The facility is now closed.


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2 responses to “117. Steppin’ Stone Farm, Inc.”

  1. M. White says :

    As someone who went to this exact boarding school… yes. Spending half your adult life in prison would be a much better alternative as no biblical hell could ever compare to the misery that was Steppin’ Stone Farm.

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