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106. Heritage Boys Academy

For 15 years boys were the victim of corporal punishment in the name of God at this place.

The police raided the school and found bloody underwear. More than 1,000 lashes had a boy received.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager which the authorities agree upon.


105. Growing Together

Boys at the drug rehab program feared the naked crusader for good reason. What took place in this program which closed in 2006 was not for people with weak stomach. Would they be able to sleep again once they got out? It is not to know.

It didn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.

104. Gator Wilderness Camp School

This wilderness program can detain 10 boys in the woods for almost 2 years before they release them. It is not a fun place to be as a teenager because one of employees were charged with neglect together with the director at the time.


103. Eckerd Youth Alternatives

The founders Jack and Ruth Eckerd started it because they wanted to help teenagers, but a quick search reveals it did not go that way. Wilderness programs had deaths among the boys attending the programs. Residential facilities got their contracts revoked.

Here are some examples:

  • In 2008, a detainee at the Milton Girls Juvenile Residential Facility in the Panhandle told the state’s child abuse hotline that a staffer ordered other workers to stand down while detainees attacked her. “Let them fight,” the worker said — and her colleagues did. The girl told investigators her life was in danger. The allegation was substantiated.
  • In 2009, DJJ confirmed allegations that, on Easter Sunday, the program director of Camp E-Kel-Etu in the Ocala National Forest loaded a small boy suspected in the theft of hygiene supplies into a truck, and drove him to an off-campus service road. The director of the program, since closed, brought an older boy with him to terrorize the kid into spilling what he knew, an internal report said. When the director returned to the campsite, he rounded up four other “little boys” — the youngest was 11 — and stuck them in a supply room with two older youths, said an internal DJJ report. The gear room housed canoe paddles that he hinted could be used as weapons. He “picked up a paddle and threatened to allow” the bigger youths to “beat up the younger and smaller boys,” one of the younger detainees told investigators. Rather than get whacked with a paddle, one of the boys talked.
  • In 2010, two detainees at the St. Johns Youth Academy claimed a staffer had ordered them to jump another teen, saying “someone needs to fight him.”
    The worker opened the victim’s door, and let the attackers in, the two intruders told investigators. One punched the 17-year-old in the face, leaving a gash; the other choked him so violently he suffered three fractured neck vertebrae.The program operator concluded “staff intentionally unlocked the door” so the youth could be beaten. The worker was fired. But a DJJ investigation called “inconclusive” the allegation that the officer set up the attack, saying it was his word against that of the two boys.
  • In 2011, a 16-year-old at the Hillsborough West Detention Center told an investigator he “slammed” his roommate after a worker promised him an extra snack. The 15-year-old victim said his roommate picked him up — twice — and threw him down on the floor both times. The victim hurt his right ankle.When an assistant superintendent interviewed the attacker, he admitted everything. “You already know what happened,” he said. “I slammed him. It wasn’t personal. I didn’t even get the snack.”DJJ reported that the staffer failed “to conduct himself in a professional manner.” He was fired.

It did not sound like fun places to be as a teenager.


102. Eagle Academy, Florida

This boot camp was run by the local authorities. It was a so-called voluntary boot camp but I guess that some teenagers were pressured into the program.

Because it was stated a voluntary it was not closed then the State of Florida closed most of the camps due to the death of Martin Lee Anderson in another boot camp. There is an old video out there somewhere which is called “High School Boot Camp” showing the life in the camp.

The camp had an abuse case which was investigated and properly led to the closure which was publicly stated as being caused by the economy.

It doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.

Thankfully it is closed now.


101. Charity Haven Christian Academy

This school also ran under the name “Charity Haven Home for Girls”. The boarding school is closed now. The authorities investigated and it led to the closure. They have tried restart their business under a new name, but it didn’t work. From an old article:

Charity Haven Home for Girls lost its certification as a child-care agency for failing to keep up with paperwork at the same time authorities were investigating complaints of abuse and excessive corporal punishment. That was last August. A month later, the facility was back in business as Charity Haven Christian Academy. Although still unlicensed, it has continued to function virtually unchanged, attempting to turn around the lives of troubled teenagers through religion and discipline, including paddling, said Charity Haven direct David Walkden.

A group on Yahoo consisting of girls who have been there writes

This is a group for girls who have ever been in Charity Haven Girls home in Milton, Florida run by Dave Walkden. Also for any girls that were in the Home that they started in Alice, TX. This group is not an any way afliated with Charity Haven Girls Home. It was started by a girl that was there for 3 years. I ran away from the home and have never talked to any of the girls since. I would like to create a place where former girls can meet and discuss where they are now and how the expierence has affected them. If you have ever been in the home for any length of time please send me a request to join.

Considering that the teenagers ran away from the place makes me state that it doesn’t sound like a very fun place to be as a teenager.


100. Camp Tracey

Sometime mentioned as summer camp but in reality a boarding school where employees allegedly had sexual relationships with the children and punishments including corporal punishment is not a fun place for a teenager to be. The camp was under investigation from the authorities and closed for its original purpose in 2013. A lot of the abuse claims have been documented.

A mother to one the children who had been there writes:

I was replying back to a post I had found about the known abuse at Camp Tracey Children’s Home Ministry, Jacksonville, Florida. However, when I went to post it I got a reply saying “this thread is closed”. I do not think this thread should be closed because as far as I know Camp Tracey, Jacksonville, Florida is still open, and parents need to know about this place before they send their children there.

I was replying back to someone named Sproat who said they were never abused there. If Sproat reads this I still would like them to know I am VERY HAPPY that you were never a victim of Camp Tracey. However, I am sad to say that Camp Tracey was a CHILD’S PRISON. They are not lying about Camp Tracey at all. I know this for a fact as I know some of the victims very well of this horrific front for Christianity. The victims I am talking about are my biological children. Their adoptive parents put them in this swamp sink hole, and left them there even when they found out about the abuse. When I found out I wanted to take them out so fast, however, my hands were tied, and I could not not legally even step foot on the place, and the person that calls himself Pastor McCormick made sure of it. The day my last child turned 18 I was standing at the front gate waiting to get in, and take him home which, I did. I have tried for years to help my children close this prison down, and I can not figure out how or why they stay open but, they do. My children even hired a lawyer who did nothing for them except give them excuses. I am so very proud of my children, and how they have overcome adversity to get through every year of their lives. However, I know that they have so many demons, and nightmares from that place that they will never be able to get rid of them. If I could only have one wish in my life. I would wish that my children could shed their demons, and nightmares, and send them to the CRIMINALS OF CAMP TRACEY IN JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA that violated them while they served the rest of their days behind bars trying to get away from people like them. Not very Christian right? Well what was done to my children in the name of Christianity was not very Christian either. What kind of God allows things like this to happen to beautiful innocent children like mine? I can always reiterate the bible passage, “An Eye For An Eye, and A Tooth For A Tooth”
…..I could only wish…

Another former resident wrote:

Do not help this organization. I was a prisoner of this children’s home. I am a female so I have no knowledge of the molestation on the boys side of the camp (but I believe it happened) I am a first hand witness to the physical and mental abuse on the girls side. I am now a grown woman with a family of my own and have had time to get over what happened to me there (over 15 years) but I still cannot. I was beaten, physically punished for many hours at a time, deprived of food as punishment, deprived of sleep, and treated like an object. I was not aloud to speak for over 2 years and if I did I was punished. I was only aloud to respond with a nod of the head. If you do choose to give money it should go to the survivors of this place so they can receive counseling or to catch the people responsible. At the time of my incarceration Rocky and Shirley Moxley were the monsters in charge. Your money should be used to help put them away! Please NEVER give a cent to help this cult reopen.

Update 30-11-14: A book is being made about the camp. Link to research page has been added below.


99. Camp Consequence

If you are tired of children reacting normal, you can reach out for help from this program.

However it could mean that you end up in a orange jump suit with not only the child who is causing the program but also the other children who then learn the important lesson that they are considered bad too just because they have a sibling acting out. What kind of turn will they then take when they are taught that they will be punished regardless if they act bad or good?

Channel 4 Dispatches: Extreme Brat Camp (2014) from BestTVandDoccys on Vimeo.

It doesn’t sound like a nice place for a teenager to be despite displaying the best manners possible.

Does the experience then last for the teenager acting out. I have placed two threads from a parent who have been through this program. It does not sound like a success.