116. Southeastern Military Academy

In 2008 the police found a boy on the run in shackles. This view which could have been taken from the book “Uncle Tom” was however nothing a re-enactment of something from the civil war period. It was a present boot camp styled boarding school using extreme methods to keep their inmates who they choose to call students in line.

Back then their name was Victory Forge Military Academy. They have since changed their name to the present one. The authorities investigated and oddly enough found it OK to shackle students.

Around 2012 the state demanded that the school should be licensed. It should be difficult considering what they have to work with, but they are still open so I guess they try their best.

Regardless of the outcome it doesn’t sound like a fun place to be as a teenager.


2019 update

The owner – Alan Weierman – was convicted of forging the signature of dead people and selling their lands illegally. He was sentenced to 10 years probation. The victims hoped that he would have served time. The article also states the he has no real military title from the army. The title “Colonel” is only something he calls himself.

Port St. Lucie man found guilty of forging signatures of dead people and stealing land (WPTV news)

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  1. Zoey McNeary says :

    I went here when I was a kid (between 2008-2009) I’d love to have you contact me and I can give you all kinds of details of the abuse we endured and even a dcf report with pictures of my neck laceration.

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