110. Marvelous Grace Girls Academy

This facility took over the buildings of a program which moved to Missiouri. Maybe they also took over a part of the program which had inflicted emotional scars on so many girls in the past.

They are mentioned a Tampa Bay serie about religious lockdown schools.

What kind of role model is Steven Blankenship? According to a police report words like “faggots” and “bastards” were used about the students. What about professional distance? Of course a teacher can be fustrated about the students but to enter a level so low that such words are used?

According to sources the school moved from Florida to Mississippi. Today of november 2022 the website is inactive and the school is reported closed. If you have links to media describing the circumstances of the closure, please put them into the comments.

It can or could not be a fun place to be as a teenager.


2022 update

The school was mentioned in relationship with some foster parents who were arrested on charges of abuse. Apparently the victims – two girls – was hidden on the school campus but the authorities were able to track them. The foster mother was a well-known author who sold a book on Amazon.


Late 2022 unconfirmed rumors spoke of a movement to another state and later closure.

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One response to “110. Marvelous Grace Girls Academy”

  1. Leah says :

    As of last month, the school has been shut down. Cps ordered he send the girls home to their families after it was found out that Steven was grooming girls and had a sexual relationship with one of his staff members.

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