108. La Amistad

Marketed as a rehab and a “we-fix-all-facility” the statements of the parents and teenagers are that they are not very focused to deal with various issues. A parent wrote:

Parents please make sure your child qualifies for this facility. It has been my experience that behavioral problems ADD, ADHD, ODD, …are not suitable for La Amistad. Our child picked up horrendous habits while going there and was interacting and manipulated by kids much older. As a parent who will do anything for my child I am extremely disappointed with the care we received. I need help for my child and the time spent at La Amistad has made it much worse.

A former client writes on the wall of the Facebook group: “I survived La Amistad”:

…and treatment by those councelours and therapists was so fake. The only way we ever got out of there is because we helped eachother. It’s either that, or certain people turned 18 and checked themselves out. Haha

It may not be fun to be there as a teenager but it is a waste of money based on the statements from both parents and the clients.


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