100. Camp Tracey

Sometime mentioned as summer camp but in reality a boarding school where employees allegedly had sexual relationships with the children and punishments including corporal punishment is not a fun place for a teenager to be. The camp was under investigation from the authorities and closed for its original purpose in 2013. A lot of the abuse claims have been documented.

A mother to one the children who had been there writes:

I was replying back to a post I had found about the known abuse at Camp Tracey Children’s Home Ministry, Jacksonville, Florida. However, when I went to post it I got a reply saying “this thread is closed”. I do not think this thread should be closed because as far as I know Camp Tracey, Jacksonville, Florida is still open, and parents need to know about this place before they send their children there.

I was replying back to someone named Sproat who said they were never abused there. If Sproat reads this I still would like them to know I am VERY HAPPY that you were never a victim of Camp Tracey. However, I am sad to say that Camp Tracey was a CHILD’S PRISON. They are not lying about Camp Tracey at all. I know this for a fact as I know some of the victims very well of this horrific front for Christianity. The victims I am talking about are my biological children. Their adoptive parents put them in this swamp sink hole, and left them there even when they found out about the abuse. When I found out I wanted to take them out so fast, however, my hands were tied, and I could not not legally even step foot on the place, and the person that calls himself Pastor McCormick made sure of it. The day my last child turned 18 I was standing at the front gate waiting to get in, and take him home which, I did. I have tried for years to help my children close this prison down, and I can not figure out how or why they stay open but, they do. My children even hired a lawyer who did nothing for them except give them excuses. I am so very proud of my children, and how they have overcome adversity to get through every year of their lives. However, I know that they have so many demons, and nightmares from that place that they will never be able to get rid of them. If I could only have one wish in my life. I would wish that my children could shed their demons, and nightmares, and send them to the CRIMINALS OF CAMP TRACEY IN JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA that violated them while they served the rest of their days behind bars trying to get away from people like them. Not very Christian right? Well what was done to my children in the name of Christianity was not very Christian either. What kind of God allows things like this to happen to beautiful innocent children like mine? I can always reiterate the bible passage, “An Eye For An Eye, and A Tooth For A Tooth”
…..I could only wish…

Another former resident wrote:

Do not help this organization. I was a prisoner of this children’s home. I am a female so I have no knowledge of the molestation on the boys side of the camp (but I believe it happened) I am a first hand witness to the physical and mental abuse on the girls side. I am now a grown woman with a family of my own and have had time to get over what happened to me there (over 15 years) but I still cannot. I was beaten, physically punished for many hours at a time, deprived of food as punishment, deprived of sleep, and treated like an object. I was not aloud to speak for over 2 years and if I did I was punished. I was only aloud to respond with a nod of the head. If you do choose to give money it should go to the survivors of this place so they can receive counseling or to catch the people responsible. At the time of my incarceration Rocky and Shirley Moxley were the monsters in charge. Your money should be used to help put them away! Please NEVER give a cent to help this cult reopen.

Update 30-11-14: A book is being made about the camp. Link to research page has been added below.


Update 2023

A podcast also provide info about this program,

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9 responses to “100. Camp Tracey”

  1. Jessica says :

    i was a resident at amp traces from 1997-2002. i can can say that i know personally what went on while i was there. the rumors are true.from discipline to medical treatment to sexualw misconduct between staff and the kids. it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    • Naomi Osorio says :

      Jessica where are you? I have tried looking all over for you! Message me please and I’m on Facebook. Xoxo. Naomi.

  2. gene sellers says :

    my name is gene my number is 904 802 9646. I was there from 96-98. I was mentally and physically abused almost on a daily basis there. im am currently seeking anyone who is willing to openly talk about this. I have a connection with someone who might be able to get our stories out there please contact me

    • Cary Owens says :

      My name is Cary Owens and I was in that ‘place’ from 84-86. If you would like to discuss your experience there please reach out to me via email. My email address is caryowensis@gmail.com.

  3. Naomi Osorio says :

    It wasn’t a summer camp we lived there 365 days out of the year, no phones no way to call 911 letters, checked both incoming and outgoing. We had no safety net. No one cared about a small town, and the huge farm 10 miles from the nearest anything. Imprisioned us as teens, for the first year and then every 3 months we could go off of property for one day if our parents came. I have a lot to share because I too need to heal from the five years of abuse. I would like to go into details and yes I know most of the staff members on this list. I realize now that the only way for any of us to heal is that we do need to have our story heard to make sure that this does not happen to another child ever again. Although ct is closed there are many other secret prisons out there for teens and the word needs to get out so we can work to change legislation.

  4. Naomi Osorio says :

    I’ve often referred people to this page when I speak about my experiences at Camp Tracy. the one thing that bothers any of us can’t girls or boys to no end is that people believe that this was a summer camp. No one could ever go to camp Tracy just for the summer. It was not intended to ever be a summer camp. this was a boarding school a children’s home where people would drop off their kids if they didn’t feel like parenting them anymore!
    I’m only just starting to finally heal from my heart after having the knowledge for 10 years through three different therapists on what happened to all of us at CT. PLEASE CHANGE THAT FIRST PART THIS WAS NEVER A SUMMER CAMP!

    • Jessica Toliver says :

      Hey Naomi. It’s Jessica Toliver. I know that we didn’t really get along but hopefully you are doing good.

  5. Jessica Toliver says :

    Who do I contact about camp Tracey. I was there from 1997-2002.

  6. Estella Pena says :

    The feeling of being dropped off at that place and the abandonment as a 12 yr old is still haunting. There are so many things I have forced myself to not remember. I was there 96-2000

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