99. Camp Consequence

If you are tired of children reacting normal, you can reach out for help from this program.

However it could mean that you end up in a orange jump suit with not only the child who is causing the program but also the other children who then learn the important lesson that they are considered bad too just because they have a sibling acting out. What kind of turn will they then take when they are taught that they will be punished regardless if they act bad or good?

Channel 4 Dispatches: Extreme Brat Camp (2014) from BestTVandDoccys on Vimeo.

It doesn’t sound like a nice place for a teenager to be despite displaying the best manners possible.

Does the experience then last for the teenager acting out. I have placed two threads from a parent who have been through this program. It does not sound like a success.


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6 responses to “99. Camp Consequence”

  1. chanetta smith says :

    I am a single parent and need help with my son that 17yr please help me (Phone Number removed)

    • Rotsne says :

      I looked up the phone number given in your post. I will point out that I am in no way judging the line of work you have chosen. I will however state that I believe that part of the emotional problems your son suffers from can be traced back to your job situation. High school students can be cruel against other and if some of his classmates might discover what line of work you do it might end up with him being bullied. He might end up acting up because any normal boy might find it difficult talking with a parent about this.

      I would recommend that you see a counselor and find a way to include him in family therapy also so he can come to terms with the job situation for single parents when the money are few and the economic hard.

  2. Kat says :

    How do I get my kids in here?! Or something similar. My kids are out of control and no amount of mental is helping the ODD.

    • janicefradanmark says :

      Having experienced a similar rigid system, I will recommend that you call the social services so they can relieve you of your burden as a parent. I am not saying that you are a poor parent but that your children need outside professionals to analyze their behavior and if possible set up an new environment that can benefit their potentials and meet the emotional needs they have.

      In a world that needs disruption your children will be better served on the long term if they constantly questions authority. In Denmark we know that that our culture where youth can start to buy and drink alcohol as they turn 16 as long as the beverage has an alcohol percentage below the safe level of 16.5 benefits the children’s ability to interact and establish networks. Friday bars on campus reduce the risk of children dropping out of school and provides professional adults better chances to monitor children compared to a situation where alcohol would be forbidden and the children then drinks in secret.

      That is also why the general public in Denmark just interfered when some schools tried to ban “Crop Tops” for girls in school aged below 18. Boys should learn that viewable skin is not equal right to sexual relationships and girls should not be ashamed of their bodies. The ban has been lifted.

      You might not be able to make use of my examples from a superior society like the one we have in Denmark but even here in Denmark we do also have shootings in the streets and crime. However all this evil is mostly done by youth who have not been able to develop the social skills to interact with other youths at our on-campus Friday bars drinking a beer or two. It is youth who become isolated from the general norm and seek alternative company – typical street gangs controlled by people with non-ethnic Danish heritage.

      I guess you wish your children to grow up as normal working contributing citizens. Then keep them in normal surroundings instead of sending them to a boot camp who might correct them to conform with the terms of the camp but not outside in the general society.

      I do not know how old your children are but try to step back and look at the situations that ends up in conflict. Try to involve professional adults and I am sure that the social services can provide the resources.

      If you make use of a rigid program like “Camp Consequence”, short-term result might be achieved but the relationship on the long-term will be very damaged. Do you want to get visits from your children when they turn adult? If the answer is “No” then make use of the program. If the answer is “Yes”, then do not make use of the program.

      If you make a pancake there is always two sides of it regardless of how thin you make it. Try to ask what your part in the conflicts are. It is not that your are wrong but how do you address the issues. Do you live the way your discipline? Problems with human children is that they unlike cats are born with their eyes open! They observe before they learn to speak and in that way understand what the parents say. That means that if you say one thing and do another thing the message get mixed.

      I hope that you take my advice into consideration and make contact to the social services before contacting the program. Camp Consequence has not lost a child in their care yet but as you also can read on this blog, the chances of this happening at some point is higher compared to the life outside the program.

    • Kay says :

      I can feel you there. I have been looking too.😔

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