92. Devereux Glenholme School

It is marketed as a therapeutic school and is in the public mostly known to have schooled Nancy Spungen, who died while she was in relationship with musician Sid Vicious. Her murder has not been solved.

In 2007 3 students aged between 11 and 17 stole a car so they could drive home and visit their families from they have been cut off for long.

In 2011 a female employee was fired for second-degree sexual assault on a 16 year old student.

It does not sound like a fun place to be as a teenager


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3 responses to “92. Devereux Glenholme School”

  1. Jessica Larson says :

    This school was hell on earth.

  2. "Josh" says :

    I remember this place as having little tile rooms where you were put in “seclusion” and had the door held shut by older “students” (who often bullied the younger ones like I was). The seclusion and mental torture of having another kid closing you up in a room wasn’t all- usually the rooms were filthy with the feces and urine of previous occupants.

    I recall being bullied for my particular taste in music.

    Staff there, I remember one by name “David Tuttle”, were abusive and hard to the kids.

    As an adult, I learned that the conditions I have are actually untreatable (I suffer from personality disorder) and Glenholme, along with many other places, simply LIED about my diagnoses to obtain insurance money.
    I learned this from a non profit shrink…. in the prison system.

    Thanks Glenholme.

    Oh, and Mr David Tuttle, and all of the other people responsible for my past abuses……. better hope I never run into them now that I’m not a defenseless small child.

    Don’t think after all these years I’ve forgotten names and faces.

  3. sage says :

    current student there- there’s a lot more than just a murder and sexual assault crimes. current head of the school is a criminal, tier 3 and tier 2 (the solitary confinement rooms) still exist, and i can hear the screaming of the people from tier 3 from the building where i live. i was physically assaulted multiple times by the same person, and the supervisors tried to blame me for being attacked. they tell me to suck up and deal with my problems and feelings, that i’m doing it for “attention.” staff literally said to us that they forget students are people and have emotions.
    might have ptsd from this place. hope it gets shut down.

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