91. Hyde School(s)

Opened in 1966 as one of the first so-called therapeutic boarding schools, this school has a long history.

A student died there in 1988.

More recently it was known when a student escaped and remained hidden for years.

A former student writes on Yelp.com:

If you want your child to become a smiling robot tattle teller, incapable of original thought, then this is the place for YOU!

I was sent to this place for a summer session in the late 90s and as an adult, knowing what I know now, I can adamantly declare this purported “school” is actually a cult; led by people who defend their circular logic with the reminiscence of religious fanaticism. Hyde attempts to ingrain an impractical set of morals, skewed from reality, by way of threatening kids with, what I would call abusive, physical exhaustion at even the slightest suggestion of questioning their odd practices.

If you question their logic, then you must be hiding something and be subject to punishment, otherwise you wouldn’t question them…. right?

The superiors in this cult aggressively threaten anyone who steps out of line with the threat of making their lives a living hell with 3 main tiers of punishment designed to break your soul.

They hire former “students” from the cult to oversee the new “students” and while I was there, half of the staffers were caught high on acid and thrown out. Thats right, Hyde’s system is so infallible that the students they trusted most to guide the newcomers down their road to “integrity” were dropping acid and barking at students.

I just found out they never reported this to my parents at the time. For a school that supposedly holds integrity in such high regard, you’d think they would let parents know they were leaving their kids with a bunch of power tripping acid heads.

Who cares though right? Its only 10s of thousands of dollars out of your pocket!

And now they have the nerve to ask me for donations (I have no idea how they found out where I live).


It does not sound like a fun place for a teenager.


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