90. Grove School

It is marketed as a therapeutic boarding school. It is mostly known for a former student named Ariana Jollee who became a famous actress. In 1979 a fire on campus killed two students. More recently a gym teacher was fired due to the way he interacted with the students. Later he went on trial in a molestation trial not involving Grove School students.

Once the environment was relaxed and the school focused on the individual need of students. Smoking was allowed on campus in the 1970s.

More recent students speak of a very strict regime. In 2018 a student committed suicide after being expelled due to behavior which the school according to its own marketing should have been able to handle.

Documents in several lawsuits express concern whether the credentials of the employees are good enough to handle their present target group. Students also have been on the run from the facility.

It does not sound like a very fun place for a teenager.


2021 update

An alleged suicide took place at the facility May 2021. The tragic incident is still under investigation.

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  1. lavendar says :

    i went to [REDACTED] school and i was sexually abused by a teacher the summer before i was a senior. i had undiagnosed autism, psychosis and cptsd, and i told a teacher about DD/lg and he sent me poems about F*cking me during study hall and i didn’t understand but he was physically abusing me and our whole class too by association. i would sit up on the desk in the corner and he would sit next to me and touch my thighs, higher and higher. i also ‘stole’ his pen and he chased me around the [full] classroom and pinned me against the wall. it was extremely embarrassing and intimate. i sent him ageplay photos but because i wasn’t technically naked they couldn’t arrest him. he did it with other afab kids at the school in different capacities.

    after i told someone, they tried to take away my ipod ‘because it made me suicidal with sad music’ and i tried to kill myself in the school bathroom. they were mostly concerned with me scaring other people than me trying to kermit sewerslide.

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