79. Pathfinders Wilderness Program

Pathfinders Wilderness Program run by a certain guy named Mike Parr was just a wilderness program like many others. Teenagers ran from the program. The employees used violence. The police investigated. License they didn’t care about.

In the end it wasn’t a place you wanted to be as a teenager. Maybe that is the reason that they are no longer in operation.


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11 responses to “79. Pathfinders Wilderness Program”

  1. Grant says :

    i attended and enjoyed the program and enjoyed mike parr as a friend.

  2. Sarah says :

    I was there and graduated shortly before the shut down. I heard Mike Parr fled the country to escape allegations of child abuse. I was there for 13 weeks there was child abuse. The teenagers are more safe today without this program. Much love to all who endured it.

    • Rotsne says :

      Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately while he escaped, his employees took jobs at other wilderness programs. In order to prevent future teenagers from experiencing the same, the world need testimonies in full about the ordeals teenagers like you suffered while you were in the program. It does not have to done with your full name as you properly has a job and family reputation to take care about. Could you be interested?

      • Sarah says :


      • Michael nicholas says :

        I would be i also attended im 40 years old now and it still haunts me i dont know how to give my contact info i suppose you could just look me up on facebook! Michael nicholas palm springs and hmu on messenger

    • Jennifer says :

      I was there in spring 96 I can’t remember exactly but we hiked through two images because the weather was changing, a girl ran away while I was there and slit her wrists, I remember they helicoptered her out of there and me and another kid named Tyler had to carry her by her back pack to where Mike Parr met us with the helicopter I believe she had to go to Cascade… That was always the threat… I was there for almost 3 months I liked one counselor named Michael long black hair loved the dead and his girlfriend I forget maybe Katherine? Not sure totally I still have the pictures they sent my parents every week. It haunts me still because I really have no idea of what they councillors me through was real or not real…..

  3. George says :

    I was there in N.M. (Black Range) back in ‘92. A crappy experience to say the least. Yes, there was abuse from counselors both physical and mental. The things that we were forced to say in front everyone in the “counseling” sessions were supposed to remain there with us. Most of what I “confessed” was BS in an attempt to have them leave me be. Unfortunately Mike Parr betrayed many of us. The results of his lies about confidentiality still burden my extended family today. I’m 42 now and yet here I am typing this. It was real, it all happened, and most of the experience was terrible, especially for a 16 year old kid removed from his home under threat. …I’ve hiked those mountains as a 30ish adult just to make peace with it all. Obviously it still gets to me though. …I would love to find Mike Parr today. Anyone remember “rice is reality”? Be well, folks.

  4. Michael Walker says :

    I was there in 95. Shortly after leaving, the program was shut down because someone got bacterial meningitis and subsequently lost a finger. I needed everything I got out there and the program was good for me. I’m a father of two now, 40 years old and an attorney with a busy practice.

    Hope life’s working out for everyone. For all of those who made something out of it, hats off. We had some beautiful sunsets. I left some demons out there. Thanks Mike Parr, Willie and the other staff that humbled me and gave me some hope.

    • Sarah says :

      Hey pretty sure I know you. Its sarah. I still talk to kim and brennan. I graduated the day before kim in colorado. But I was at the hornado, black range, and colorado. B just found a post made by William McBride we will see if old willy responds back lol. If I was an ass to you I’m sorry. That place was really messed up. Much love to you. Stay safe.

      • Michael Walker says :

        Hi Sarah! Good to get in touch. Do you have social media? Facebook? Let’s become friends! I am Michael Walker in Brooklyn, NY.

      • Sarah says :

        I am on Instagram. I refuse to be on facebook. I am little_brown_mushroom. I am on discord to on some stock market groups and reddit. But yes let’s catch up!

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