79. Pathfinders Wilderness Program

Pathfinders Wilderness Program run by a certain guy named Mike Parr was just a wilderness program like many others. Teenagers ran from the program. The employees used violence. The police investigated. License they didn’t care about.

In the end it wasn’t a place you wanted to be as a teenager. Maybe that is the reason that they are no longer in operation.



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5 responses to “79. Pathfinders Wilderness Program”

  1. Grant says :

    i attended and enjoyed the program and enjoyed mike parr as a friend.

  2. Sarah says :

    I was there and graduated shortly before the shut down. I heard Mike Parr fled the country to escape allegations of child abuse. I was there for 13 weeks there was child abuse. The teenagers are more safe today without this program. Much love to all who endured it.

    • Rotsne says :

      Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately while he escaped, his employees took jobs at other wilderness programs. In order to prevent future teenagers from experiencing the same, the world need testimonies in full about the ordeals teenagers like you suffered while you were in the program. It does not have to done with your full name as you properly has a job and family reputation to take care about. Could you be interested?

      • Sarah says :


      • Michael nicholas says :

        I would be i also attended im 40 years old now and it still haunts me i dont know how to give my contact info i suppose you could just look me up on facebook! Michael nicholas palm springs and hmu on messenger

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