64. Family Life Center – Petaluma, California

What are the users saying about this place?

If you would like your kid to be forced to scream and cry and be totally hysterical while being made to confess their sins and ‘share’ their life story by a therapist who appears to get his rocks off on watching this mass hysteria take place , go here. Some kind of ‘school’ modelled on Gestalt therapy. It has a high sound proof wall around it to drown out the crying and exorcism that take place here. Because if people knew, they might be sued.

I went to FLC for an eating disorder. It made things worse, way worse. The people there were constantly yelling at us, making my anxiety go way up. Instead of focussing on myself, I had to focus on the little things like outdoor maintenance, making my bed perfectly neat, and telling a staff any time my shoulder accidentally brushed someone else’s. I was publicly humiliated several time, and was not aloud very much contact with my parents. Instead, the staff would tell my parents that I needed an even stricter environment….im glad they listened to my outpatient therapist instead of the ignorant staff.

Gestalt therapy is something odd and it does not sound like fun for teenagers.


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2 responses to “64. Family Life Center – Petaluma, California”

  1. George Saint clair says :

    I was there in the mid 90’s, they did that shit to me in group on my 1st day. I ended up running away with a girl from there, got caught then two weeks later I found myself going to the all boys flc. That was worse cuz most of the boys there had sexual abuse issues and I had anger issues. It was really hard too watch them have a psycho acting like the person who did that shit to them. I hate that place and the idiots who run it

  2. Justin Savage says :

    I was also there in the mid-90’s and I believe they conditioned me toward some pretty bad behaviors… email me if you were there, cuz it sucked for all of us.

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