55. About Face Boot Camp

This private-run boot camp was used as entertainment related to the Jenny Jones show.

It is quite odd that there are people out there who believes that there is something called emotional growth. People are born and raised on basis of their social heritage. Teenagers do just have to be given time so they can figure out what line of business they will work in when they grow up.

Here is a boot camp where the teenagers are forced to run, they receive hair-cuts robbing them of their identity. It is evil.

The authorities also intervened as he in their opinion ran an unlicensed group home.

It is not a fun place for a teenager.


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4 responses to “55. About Face Boot Camp”

  1. avila says :

    For your information that kid getting a haircut was involve with weed, crack, not going to school and no relationship with the parents. During his stay with the program the kid graduated from a military academy with honors, and now is leaving to the marines in 2 weeks. Relationship with his parents have never been better.
    I dont think so..
    May God bless you

    • jack1993 says :

      You are entitled to your opinion but I am a Dane living in the country with the most advanced youth culture in the world and being proud of it. There is nothing to learn from us from anyone in the world and we have delivered the most deadly blow on the enemy morale in the war on terror with the start of the cartoon war, so I properly know more about the effects of your work than you do.

  2. Cindy says :

    Not everything is about fun….. kids need discipline and they need to respect their elders and themselves

  3. Jaimes says :

    Everything in life has contradictions. Nothing in life can ever be perfect, everyone is entitle to their own opinion as they are to their own way of helping someone else, a group of of people or a community. Making the right choice is something hard that humans will not be perfect at because no matter how its done or shown something WILL contradict it.

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