49. Restoration Youth Academy

This year attention was made on Restoration Youth Academy in Alabama. Among the employees a man with a dark hidden past was found. This individual once worked at Bethel Boys Academy which was shut down by the authorities not once but several times.

Given the nature of Restoration Youth Academy with high fences and a number of runaways we are basically talking a private-run prison providing youth with so-called education with of doubtful standard.

Why hasn’t the authorities in Alabama not intervened in the operations? Why are they allowing people with basically no background check running a private prison for at-risk teenagers?

We cannot answer why they have chosen to neglect these children?

It is really awful.


The management was brought to justice and sentenced to prison after moving the camp renaming it in the process. Read more: Leaders of religious Alabama boot camp get 20 years in prison for child abuse (Al.com)


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