38. Copper Canyon Academy

Copper Canyon Academy was a girls only private prison in Arizona. It opened in 1998 and closed 2014 due to bad media coverage and former students speaking out. It was used as entertainment in several episodes of the Dr. Phil entertainment shows where girls have been locked up for doing what is both legal and normal in other countries.

It was not odd that there have several cases where some of the girls have escaped. In one case the police had to be called due to knife episode. The facility was also involved with Randy Young who was arrested for having pornographic images of children on his company laptop at his new job where they had a security policy preventing this kind of actions which was not the case at Copper Canyon Academy

They had horses but the girls are isolated far away from family and peers.

Update 2017

The facility was sold and renamed Sedona Sky Academy. At the time of its closure it was owned by Aspen Education Group but the founder purchased it back and renamed the facility due to the bad press coverage it had gained on various message boards and news.


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2 responses to “38. Copper Canyon Academy”

  1. Laura says :

    A royal fuck you to this place!!!! I went for 2 years and bitches be crazy….like Tammy ( the owner.) I love all the girls I met there, but the experience as a whole was hell. On the day I turned 18 they took my belongings away so that I couldn’t run away as a LEGAL ADULT!!!!!!! I can’t even tell you about the girls that had it worse than me. I had a shitty therapist named Cheri and we butted heads in which made me stay there longer than I ever needed to be. I switched therapists and was out 3 months later.

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