31. Grey High School – South Africa

In the human rights group I volunteer for we saw a British TV-show called “The world strictest parents” about two teenagers from Australia who were sent to South Africa.

The boy was forced to do a hair cut.

They had wear uniforms which we all know is damaging to any the identity of every teenager.

In generel it was a pretty awful place and the trip showed to be emotional damaging to the poor Australian guy who turned to drinking once he got home.

Datasheet of the school on Fornits Wiki

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4 responses to “31. Grey High School – South Africa”

  1. Dev Sticks says :

    The trash you talk… Poor guy

    • Rotsne says :

      The material in this blog is written in Denmark based on the values Danish teenagers expect (Friday bar on campus, parties every month etc.) As it has been tradition since the Cartoon war we are not afraid to judge both cultures, various kinds of religion and local traditions based on our values. You may like it or not but you can do nothing about it.

  2. Mike R. Lewis says :

    I went to the Grey High School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa from 1968 to 1972 and it was an absolutely horrible place. I think of that time of my life as my five years of hell at the Grey. The headmaster and most of the teachers perpetrated an enormous amount of emotional and physical abuse. The one bright spot was that the boys stuck together and supported each other.

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