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19. Lundby Efterskole – Denmark

Lundby Efterskole is properly the Danish version of the American Yes Academy. (See my last post)

The students was forced to navigate a dragon boat ill suited for open waters on a cold day in February where the temperatures were below the freezing point. Only minutes in the waters will render you unconscious and you are very likely to die.

But the environment of the school didn’t allow the students to say no. Otherwise they could risk being sent home. So of course they had to enter the boat which for a number of them resulted in injuries preventing them living the life they had expected.

Only the tough ex. army sergent who functioned as a teacher died but is was pure luck that the number of casulties remained that low.

If you are a parent sending your child to one of these boarding schools then think twice. It it not worth it. I know that I didn’t come out as a better person. I only came out as a bitter person. But I survived without damages and maybe I should be thankful about it when I think of all the things the students from Lundby was put through.

One person missing after Danish dragon boat capsizes (Roundup)

18. Yes Academy

A mother was denied justice after her son died. The employees failed to secure that the boy could swin before he was harassed to jump into a lake.

It was properly the social background of both mother and child which contributed to the loss of the trial.

It is safe to state that it could not be a fun place to be as a teenager if you are poor.


17. Carl Bobergsgaarden – Sweden

A girl aged only 13 was sent to this group home as a safe heaven meassure because she alleged had a hard time at home. I don’t know if she ever needed to be sent there because here in Denmark the social services have removed a lot of children in pure panic and without reason because we had a case up in the nothern part of Jutland where everyone failed 10 children due to abusive father.

Since that case came in the media every child in Denmark are risk of being removed by force from their family if the social services get their eyes on them. Neighbors now often report eachother over small disputes.

However the girl aged only 13 became the center of attention among the young boys at the group home and the staff was no protection. There was even cases of violence against her. I would not point fingers at Sweden especially because we also see such things in Denmark. It is just a tragic case

So the girl left without her family, friends and professional support she ended her young life and was buried quietly and nameless so the case could be solved in quietness.

The group home was closed until the media are less busy writing about the cruel group homes in Sweden, but the name Carl Bobergsgaarden will remain on the Internet forever. At least that much should be owed to the poor girl.


2021 update

The group home has been closed permantly. Podcasts has been made about this sad tragic case.

Kritiserat behandlingshem lägger ned (AftonBladet)

16. Svyato-Bogolyubovsky convent boarding school

It seems that where religion are involved the possibility of abuse is the risk.

I learned of this case from Russia where young girls were forced into a mixture of a boarding school and a convent.