21. The Family Foundation School

Teenagers being duck taped, restrained and hunted by dogs when they try to escape this boarding school seems to be a vital part of the schools story.

It doesn’t sound like a nice place for teenagers and an American Human rights organization named CAFETY are on the case, but they have not been able to close the school down yet.

Anyhow here are some quotes from the article I have listed as source:

“The horrors I faced at The Family School are so many that I could probably fill
an entire book… I quickly found myself denied every imaginable right. I spent
most of my time sitting in a chair facing a corner. They took my shoes and I had
to walk through the winter snow in sandals. I would spend hours at a sitting
facing the corner of the room….” – Charlie C

“Three staff proceeded to then throw me on the ground and restrain me. As a
result I got a cut on my face and my wrist was sprained. I also had many bruises
on my body.” – Alex D

Update October 2014: The facility was renamed to Allynwood Academy to avoid the consequences from public speeching from former students. It did not save the school and they had to close in 2014


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