17. Carl Bobergsgaarden – Sweden

A girl aged only 13 was sent to this group home as a safe heaven meassure because she alleged had a hard time at home. I don’t know if she ever needed to be sent there because here in Denmark the social services have removed a lot of children in pure panic and without reason because we had a case up in the nothern part of Jutland where everyone failed 10 children due to abusive father.

Since that case came in the media every child in Denmark are risk of being removed by force from their family if the social services get their eyes on them. Neighbors now often report eachother over small disputes.

However the girl aged only 13 became the center of attention among the young boys at the group home and the staff was no protection. There was even cases of violence against her. I would not point fingers at Sweden especially because we also see such things in Denmark. It is just a tragic case

So the girl left without her family, friends and professional support she ended her young life and was buried quietly and nameless so the case could be solved in quietness.

The group home was closed until the media are less busy writing about the cruel group homes in Sweden, but the name Carl Bobergsgaarden will remain on the Internet forever. At least that much should be owed to the poor girl.


2021 update

The group home has been closed permantly. Podcasts has been made about this sad tragic case.

Kritiserat behandlingshem lägger ned (AftonBladet)

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