4. Casa by the Sea, Mexico

Casa by the Sea was properly one of most well-known special schools run by World Wide Association of special Schools and programs known as WWASP. It opened in 1998.

It was closed in 2004 by the police in Mexico on a day where the government decided to clean up in a number of illegal run boarding schools targeted for American parents who couldn’t find a boarding school in the United States ready to go the distance to break their children, so they could have children back acting just as nice as then their children were toddlers.

It wasn’t the first time schools were closed down in Mexico. A school called Sunrise Beach had been closed down some years before. A boot camp known as “High Impact” was closed down only 3 years before. More about the boot camp later.

At Casa by the Sea the teenagers should earn the right to speak to their parents in person. Letters were censored and the parents were instructed to believe that their children were lying.

The so-called counselors were ready to fight the teenagers and violence was not rare.


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